War for the Planet of the Apes (2017)


Cast and Crew
Directed by : Matt Reeves
Produced by : Peter Chernin, Dylan Clark, Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver
Written by : Mark Bomback, Matt Reeves
Based on : Characters created by Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver
Starring : Andy Serkis, Woody Harrelson, Steve Zahn
Music by : Michael Giacchino
Cinematography : Michael Seresin
Edited by : William Hoy, Stan Salfas

All You Need to Know

I.M.C.F Review
No one has the right to mess with the nature. No matter, how advanced the human race is... It just doesn't give you a right to alter the way, the nature is supposed to be! - This here had been the gist of the 'Planet of the Apes' franchise since 1960's! Many movies, series and even video games came on this genre, and the 2011 reboot is the finest among them all... Led by Caesar!

First the apes rose under the rule of Caesar. Then, they fought for their land. Now, they fight for survival while Humans face their biggest battle with the Nature!

The war is among two sets of humans, who altogether battle against Nature's way! Apes are just being used in their War, for no good solid reason, apart from just stupidity and jealousy, we can say! An emotional drama of slavery, dominance of one race over the other, and how the slaved apes gain their lives back, is the plot of the film. Caesar had been exceptional, as always. His revolt, his revenge, his fight till the end for the protection of his friends, his plan and his loyal followers had been a great part of the movie. An ape, named himself as 'Bad Ape', had been the silver lining for this film along with a small girl, named Nova! Others were fine.

Drifted a long way from where it has all started back in 2011. A bit logic less, it had become! But at least they could show what they wanted to show in a good way! So, not a bad choice if you have liked previous films of this franchise!

I.M.C.F Rating : 84/100
Direction : 9/10 : For the plot they had... They did well
Production Values :8/10 : Not a greatly spent movie, but is fine.
Story/Plot : 7/10
Cast Performances : 9/10
Music : 9/10
Cinematography : 8/10
Action Sequences : 9/10 : Were successful in delivering the emotional quotient!
Screenplay/Editing : 8/10
Dialogues : 8/10
Awe Moment(s) : 9/10 : All the emotional scenes; Ceasar's revenge driven journey and his revolt; Unity of apes; War at the end.

Ratings and Reviews From Popular Websites
94% - Rotten Tomatoes
8.3/10 - IMDb
83% - Metacritic
91% liked this movie

Transformers: The Last Knight (2017)


Cast and Crew
Directed by : Michael Bay || Prev Films: 13 Hours (2016), Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)
Produced by : Don Murphy, Tom DeSanto, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Ian Bryce
Screenplay by : Art Marcum, Matt Holloway, Ken Nolan
Story by : Akiva Goldsman, Art Marcum, Matt Holloway, Ken Nolan
Based on : Transformers by Hasbro
Starring : Mark Wahlberg, Isabela Moner, Josh Duhamel, Stanley Tucci, Anthony Hopkins
Music by : Steve Jablonsky
Cinematography : Jonathan Sela
Edited by : Mark Sanger, John Refoua, Adam Gerstel

All You Need to Know

I.M.C.F Review
Being the fifth film of the installment, the audience are quite sure of what to expect from these films. Especially from third part... There has been as much importance to Humans, as the Giant Robotic Transformers, in saving the world. This film is no exception too. It's another one of those films where Autobots and Humans fight together to save the World!

So, as a neutral fan who knows what to expect from these films will be happy enough to find some plot, good action, humor, slight romance, emotions and the CGI effects! But as a series fan who had been closely following this series might still be disappointed with nothing being new, apart from the fact that Unicron is coming! So, all the fans could do is to wait for the next film. But Michael Bay might not direct that film. So that film could go either way. Anyway, let's hope for the best!

Coming to this movie in specific... It has got a great link to the past and to various parts of the World. It involves WW1, WW2, King Arthur's Battle, Stone Henge and various other Countries like US, UK and more. The plot around all these scenarios and how Transformers were a part of our past had been shown very well. The action sequences are well made too. CGI effects, especially the IMAX 3D effects are too good and very real.

5 Human characters played a major role and each one of them had been exceptional. Some glamor had been added and has worked out in a good way! When it comes to Optimus and his battles... they have been the same as always. Not so special... apart from one or two scenes. Bumblebee played a major role and did well with his adventure.

I.M.C.F Rating : 82/100
Direction : 9/10 : Takes you to a different World, altogether!
Production Values : 8/10 : Some serious money has been spent, but not all of it can be seen on screen!
Story/Plot : 7/10 : Apart from an insight on Transformer's past and Cybertron's destruction... Not a special plot!
Cast Performances : 7/10 : 5 major Human characters and Bumblebee had been exceptional. Optimus and Megatron were ok. Others were fine.
Music : 7/10 : Not a special music, but takes you with the flow of the film.
Cinematography : 9/10 : The stunts and the action sequences were shot well.
CGI : 9/10 : You will be on our Planet, but you will doubt if it is ours! Such great were the CGI Effects!
Screenplay/Editing : 9/10 : Seems to be long, but a lot of plot had been covered. Great screenplay!
Dialogues : 8/10 : Well written. Hilarious at times too!
Awe Moment(s) : 9/10 : Optimus vs Bumblebee; Scenes with Submarine; Deal with Megatron; Emotions among Humans; Optimus's return and his battle with Megatron along with Dragon!

Ratings and Reviews From Popular Websites
5.6/10 - IMDb
16% - Rotten Tomatoes
88% - Google Users

The Mummy (2017)


Cast and Crew
Directed by : Alex Kurtzman || Prev film(s) : People Like Us (2012)
Produced by : Alex Kurtzman, Chris Morgan, Sean Daniel, Sarah Bradshaw
Screenplay by : David Koepp, Christopher McQuarrie, Dylan Kussman
Story by : Jon Spaihts, Alex Kurtzman, Jenny Lumet
Starring : Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Annabelle Wallis, Jake Johnson, Courtney B. Vance, Russell Crowe
Music by : Brian Tyler
Cinematography : Ben Seresin
Edited by : Paul Hirsch, Gina Hirsch, Andrew Mondshein

All You Need to Know

I.M.C.F Review
Firstly, the idea of remaking 'The Mummy' itself was not a great idea I believe. Its not uncommon, especially given to all the Marvel and DC film reboots... Where we often see a certain line of films being remade. Exp, Spider man etc. So yeah... Its not uncommon, but somehow this film couldn't deliver what it was supposed to do.

Yeah it was a bit scary for a scene or two. Yeah it had Zombies, Mummies and Tom Cruise. But it had more unanswered questions and more flaws than the connected points! All the best parts of the film are in the Trailer itself! Watch it again, and probably skip the film!

To be precise... there's no proper base to the characters. You never know whom you are watching on screen and why they are doing, what they were doing. No proper romance or friendship or connection among the characters too!

All it had is a powerful 'Mummy' myth, which comes to life on an expedition adventure and ends in a 'Somewhat' different way. But apart from that, there's no link or explanation to what is happening and why it is happening!

I.M.C.F Rating : 74/100
Direction : 6/10 : Failed to lay base to characters, give connections among them and explain his thoughts and ideas clearly. Smart enough to cut short CGI at most places though!
Production Values :7/10 : 3D effects are not at all good and the the film is not greatly made. Smart enough to film it with that low costs!
Story/Plot : 6/10 : We have seen 'Mummy' before. So we know what to expect. Nothing new in this part. Probably second part might be good!
Cast Performances : 9/10 : Tom, Annabelle and Sofia were on the screen for like 90% of the film and at least they did well!
Music : 8/10 : Suited the pace of the film.
Cinematography : 9/10 : Did well in helping avoid CGI, where not needed!
Action Sequences : 7/10 : When Zombies and Mummies are said to be powerful... They should be powerful and unbeaten... No matter if it is Tom Cruise or not! Same old mistakes!
Screenplay/Editing : 8/10 : Not boring. So counts as good!
Dialogues : 7/10 : Simple ones. And ... Felt like there were some mistakes, which is usually rare!
Awe Moment(s) : 7/10 : All those in Trailer, and maybe just the climax and the intro scene between Tom and Annabelle.

Ratings and Reviews From Popular Websites
IMDb - 6.4/10
Rotten Tomatoes - 21%
Google users - 82%

Wonder Woman (2017)


Cast and Crew
Directed by: Patty Jenkins || Prev Film(s): Monster (2003)
Produced by: Charles Roven, Deborah Snyder, Zack Snyder, Richard Suckle
Screenplay by: Allan Heinberg
Story by: Zack Snyder, Allan Heinberg, Jason Fuchs
Based on: Wonder Woman, by William Moulton Marston
Starring: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Danny Huston, David Thewlis, Connie Nielsen, Elena Anaya
Music by: Rupert Gregson-Williams
Cinematography: Matthew Jensen
Edited by: Martin Walsh

All You Need to Know

I.M.C.F Review
Gal Gadot was cute, funny, witty, strong and emotional. She is everything, a good Hero must be.
The film is a collection of emotions, innocence, heroism, patriotism and the triumph of Good over Evil!

I.M.C.F Rating: 86/100
Direction : 9/10 : Seems like the Director had a completely clear idea of what she wants to show and how. Made sure, every element of the film is gripping and come out well.
Production Values: 8/10 : Cant compare to Marvel films... But did a great job, landing their most appreciated Super Hero!
Story/Plot: 9/10 : A great plot, involving the Greek God Zeus himself. A detailed plot on how the Wonder Woman came to this Earth and what her story of evolution is.
Cast Performances: 9/10 : Gal Gadot had been exceptional as Wonder Woman. Chris Pine did a marvelous job. Other cast had been greatly supportive too! 
Music : 9/10 : The BGM is way too classy. Elevates the film, when needed. But should have been used a bit more. Especially when Wonder Woman gets into the Battle Field.
Cinematography : 8/10 : Great work, done.
CGI : 8/10 : CGI are good, but the 3D effects are not great. Its like a 2D film, forced to be a 3D film!
Screenplay/Editing: 9/10 : A great show. Never boring. Has all the elements, perfectly in place!
Dialogues : 8/10 : Not many great dialogues were there. But the few written, were well written. 
Awe Moment(s): 9/10 : The scene where Wonder Woman enters the Battle field is definitely a great one; The one where she realizes her power; The one where she believes in herself and defeats the evil!

Ratings and Reviews From Popular Websites
8.4/10 - IMDb
77% - Metacritic
93% - Google Users

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)


Cast and Crew
Directed by : Joachim Rønning, Espen Sandberg || Sort of a Debut to Hollywood
Produced by : Jerry Bruckheimer
Screenplay by : Jeff Nathanson
Story by : Jeff Nathanson, Terry Rossio
Based on Pirates of the Caribbean, by Walt Disney
Characters, by Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio, Stuart Beattie, Jay Wolpert
Starring: Johnny Depp, Javier Bardem, Brenton Thwaites, Kaya Scodelario, Kevin McNally, Geoffrey Rush
Music by : Geoff Zanelli
Cinematography: Paul Cameron
Edited by : Roger Barton, Leigh Folsom Boyd

All You Need to Know

I.M.C.F Review
Someone who has closely followed this series... Will definitely enjoy this film. But if you just have some vague idea of what these films are... Then you might not completely enjoy this film. The plot of the film is the reason for that statement. This film is all about breaking the Curse of Sea by getting hold of Trident and getting 'Will Turner' back. If you are not aware of all the plot related to curses and trident... You might not enjoy this film completely.

Well, the initial hour of the film is Hilarious. So, if fun is all you want... Then, yes. Definitely, watch it for 'Captain Jack Sparrow'! But the later part of the story, where things are supposed to get serious... Could be a little disappointing. The plot around the Trident didn't seem quite enjoyable. Rest of the film is good though.

One best thing about the film is... We get to know the past of Jack Sparrow; His totems, hat and chains; and why he is so famous and well known in the Pirate World. Also, there is a great plot around Captain Barbossa, along with a Subplot about Will Turner! So for those reasons... We can definitely count on this movie.

Jack Sparrow had been super awesome with his bank robbery and escape skills; Adventure and Sailing skills; Strategy and Captaincy skills. But then... there comes a phase which seems like some things are impossible for Jack Sparrow too... But then, he does them because he is the hero of the film! Exp: Salazar and his crew are very powerful but fall before Jack and his crew, Jack battles against crazy stuff but manages to survive always without a scratch! Of course, he is Captain Jack, but then...

I.M.C.F Rating: 84/100
Direction : 7/10 : Should have handled the second part of the movie in a better way. The plot around the Trident, seemed pale.
Production Values : 9/10 : Disney's film. What can we complain?
Story/Plot : 7/10 : Apart from an insight on Jack's past and some revenge... Not a very great plot!
Cast Performances : 9/10 : Jack Sparrow had been exceptional, as always. Salazar was too good. Carina and Henry were fine.
Music : 9/10 : BGM is awesome. Takes you with the flow of the film.
Cinematography : 8/10 : The stunts and the action sequences were shot well.
CGI : 9/10 : You will be taken into the World of Pirates!
Screenplay/Editing : 8/10 : First half is hilarious, but the second part seemed like its over in a jiffy!
Dialogues : 8/10 : Well written. Hilarious at times too!
Awe Moment(s) : 10/10 : Jack's entrance; Jack's escape; Jack's crew building; Jack's strategy against Salazar; Jack's adventure! 

Ratings and Reviews From Popular Websites
7.6/10 - IMDb
41% - Metacritic
4.4/5 - Fandango

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 (2017)


Synopsis of Vol 1 (Must Watch)

Cast and Crew
Directed by : James Gunn || Prev Films: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), Super (2010)
Produced by : Kevin Feige
Written by : James Gunn
Based on : Guardians of the Galaxy by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning
Starring : Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Michael Rooker, Karen Gillan, Pom Klementieff, Sylvester Stallone
Music by : Tyler Bates
Cinematography : Henry Braham
Edited by : Fred Raskin, Craig Wood

All You Need to Know

I.M.C.F Review
Coming as a sequel to a Marvel Movie which made an image of its own, is not that easy. But Director did well in keeping the flavor of its former part continued in this film too! Though its a Marvel movie from the Phase 2 of Cinematic Universe... There isn't much of a story related to the Main Plot of Avenger vs Thanos! This film is completely on its own.

What to expect from this film? Well you can expect some hilarious and sarcastic jokes which are definitely fun. Then... You will see the beauty of Planet Ego! You will see Howard the Duck and Sylvester Stallone (Part of 'The Watchers') too. You will get a deeper insight on our Guardians. A bit into their character and past. Some kick ass action sequences. Baby Groot and his Cute actions! Colors and Colors - A very bright film which is ecstatic in 3D.

What not to expect, is pretty simple. You wont see any connection to the ongoing Avengers plot except for a cameo from Hela (The ruler of Hel and Niflheim - From Thor, The Ragnarok).

In all... its an entertaining Sci Fi film with some 'Future' Avengers in action! Also includes the revolt of Ravagers; The revenge of Sovereigns and The return of Nebula!

I.M.C.F Rating : 83/100
Direction : 8/10 : James Gunn did well at what he does best - Fights, Blast and Colors!
Production Values :10/10 : Amazing visuals! 3D effects are top notch!
Story/Plot : 9/10 : A story of finding ones own self. That one being... Our 'Star Lord'
Cast Performances : 9/10 : Baby Groot was Awesome. Every other character did give their best too.
Music : 8/10 : Suited the pace of the film.
Cinematography : 9/10 : Colorful right from the first frame till the very end frame!
Action Sequences : 6/10 : Firings and Blasts everywhere. We have seen enough of them already. The lasers and the gadgets were good. But the power of Planet Ego was too much to take.
Screenplay/Editing : 8/10 : Since this is an Action Thriller with Drama, there were a few slow scenes, but all being a part of giving some base, to our Characters and their Story!
Dialogues : 8/10 : Some were hilarious, some were great.
Awe Moment(s) : 8/10 : All the scenes around Baby Groot; Scenes among Gamora and Nebula, Drax and Mantis, Quill and Rocket.

Ratings and Reviews From Popular Websites
8.1/10 - IMDb (After Premiers)
94/100 - Google Users