X-Men Days of Future Past (2014)


Cast and Crew
Directed by : Bryan Singer
Produced by : Lauren Shuler Donner, Bryan Singer, Simon Kinberg, Hutch Parker
Screenplay by : Simon Kinberg
Story by : Jane Goldman, Simon Kinberg, Matthew Vaughn
Starring : Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Peter Dinklage, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart
Music by : John Ottman
Cinematography : Newton Thomas Sigel
Edited by : John Ottman
Running time
131 minutes

All You Need to Know

I.M.C.F Review
Just as X-Men franchise was losing hope, after a film like X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Director Bryan Singer weaves a convoluted story in X-Men: Days of Future Past, which is both the strength and weakness of this film.

This film has got a great screenplay which might confuse you, but it gives you a thrill, that will tie you to the story! The story, to be precise is that Sentinels (robotic machines), star killing the Mutants, without having anyone to stop! This leaves Wolverine, no option but to go into the past and untie a few knots between Charles, Eric and Raven; which would change the future, that is, their current present.

So, the movie is like, what difficulties does Wolverine face in 1970's, while altering the past, and how far does he succeed in saving Mutants!

This is a decent X-Men flick with more story than action.
The highlight would be to see, all the dead X-Men characters, back to life.
Also, watch out for 'Quick Silver'. This guy might become your favorite.

I.M.C.F Rating: 87/10
Direction : 9
Production Values : 9
Story/Plot : 9 : Better than any X-Men film.
Cast Performances : 9 : Wolverine didnt seem to have done much though!
Music : 8
Cinematography : 9
Editing/Screenplay : 9
3D effects : 9 : Shot using Arri Alexa-M cameras!
Dialogues : 7
Awe Moment(s) : 9 (The scene with Quick Silver!)

Ratings and Reviews from Popular Sites
8.4/10 - IMDb
4.4/5   - Rotten Tomatoes

The results are both dazzling and intimate, clever and - during one tour-de-force sequence - spectacularly funny.
A rollicking good time that's satisfying in its own right and opens up many new sequel possibilities.
If you just think of each franchise X-Men film installment as a stand-alone alternative history, it will go easier for your brain.

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