Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)


Cast and Crew
Directed by : Joachim Rønning, Espen Sandberg || Sort of a Debut to Hollywood
Produced by : Jerry Bruckheimer
Screenplay by : Jeff Nathanson
Story by : Jeff Nathanson, Terry Rossio
Based on Pirates of the Caribbean, by Walt Disney
Characters, by Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio, Stuart Beattie, Jay Wolpert
Starring: Johnny Depp, Javier Bardem, Brenton Thwaites, Kaya Scodelario, Kevin McNally, Geoffrey Rush
Music by : Geoff Zanelli
Cinematography: Paul Cameron
Edited by : Roger Barton, Leigh Folsom Boyd

All You Need to Know

I.M.C.F Review
Someone who has closely followed this series... Will definitely enjoy this film. But if you just have some vague idea of what these films are... Then you might not completely enjoy this film. The plot of the film is the reason for that statement. This film is all about breaking the Curse of Sea by getting hold of Trident and getting 'Will Turner' back. If you are not aware of all the plot related to curses and trident... You might not enjoy this film completely.

Well, the initial hour of the film is Hilarious. So, if fun is all you want... Then, yes. Definitely, watch it for 'Captain Jack Sparrow'! But the later part of the story, where things are supposed to get serious... Could be a little disappointing. The plot around the Trident didn't seem quite enjoyable. Rest of the film is good though.

One best thing about the film is... We get to know the past of Jack Sparrow; His totems, hat and chains; and why he is so famous and well known in the Pirate World. Also, there is a great plot around Captain Barbossa, along with a Subplot about Will Turner! So for those reasons... We can definitely count on this movie.

Jack Sparrow had been super awesome with his bank robbery and escape skills; Adventure and Sailing skills; Strategy and Captaincy skills. But then... there comes a phase which seems like some things are impossible for Jack Sparrow too... But then, he does them because he is the hero of the film! Exp: Salazar and his crew are very powerful but fall before Jack and his crew, Jack battles against crazy stuff but manages to survive always without a scratch! Of course, he is Captain Jack, but then...

I.M.C.F Rating: 84/100
Direction : 7/10 : Should have handled the second part of the movie in a better way. The plot around the Trident, seemed pale.
Production Values : 9/10 : Disney's film. What can we complain?
Story/Plot : 7/10 : Apart from an insight on Jack's past and some revenge... Not a very great plot!
Cast Performances : 9/10 : Jack Sparrow had been exceptional, as always. Salazar was too good. Carina and Henry were fine.
Music : 9/10 : BGM is awesome. Takes you with the flow of the film.
Cinematography : 8/10 : The stunts and the action sequences were shot well.
CGI : 9/10 : You will be taken into the World of Pirates!
Screenplay/Editing : 8/10 : First half is hilarious, but the second part seemed like its over in a jiffy!
Dialogues : 8/10 : Well written. Hilarious at times too!
Awe Moment(s) : 10/10 : Jack's entrance; Jack's escape; Jack's crew building; Jack's strategy against Salazar; Jack's adventure! 

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41% - Metacritic
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