Guardians Of Galaxy (2014)


Cast and Crew
Directed by : James Gunn / Prev Films : Super (2010), Slither (2006)
Produced by : Kevin Feige
Screenplay by : James Gunn, Nicole Perlman
Starring : Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Lee Pace, Michael Rooker, Karen Gillan, Djimon Hounsou, John C. Reilly, Glenn Close, Benicio del Toro
Music by : Tyler Bates
Cinematography : Ben Davis
Edited by : Fred Raskin, Craig Wood, Hughes Winborne
Release date(s) : August 1st, 2014
Running time : 121 minutes
Budget : $170 million

All You Need to Know

I.M.C.F Review
Coming from Marvel cinematic universe, yet another super hero pack film. But this time, our super heroes are not very powerful and the story isn't quite exciting too. A fairly predictable film which hardly succeeds to surprise you, for more than just in a few scenes.

The plot is quite simple. Everyone in the Galaxy want to gain the power and superiority over the 'Orb', which is stolen by Peter (Chris Pratt) in the very first scene itself. So, a bounty is placed on Peter, which attracts Rocket and Groot towards him. Also, Gamora (Saldana), the daughter of Thanos, who is the master mind behind Ronan, the bad guy in this film and is in the plans of destroying Xandar, the home world of Nova corps, to seek some old revenge, sets out on her way to get the orb from Peter.

When they all encounter, some action takes place and they get arrested. In prison, they become a team and escape, along with Drax (Batista) and Orb. They try to sell the Orb to 'The Collector' for money but realizing its true power, decide to give it to Nova corps. But Ronan confronts them and takes away the Orb. He sets out to seek revenge on Xandar. Peter and his team, along with Yondu's (who raised Peter) fleet, try to stop Ronan from doing it. Nova corps join them and by the end, they save the Galaxy and become the Guardians of it!

Action sequences occupy major part of the film, and they might just excite you. Except for in climax, there ain't much destruction though. Rocket and Groot have been the show-stealers and they are sure to turn the tables around. With Gamora, Drax and Peter Quill, we have got a few more exciting super heroes to save the galaxy!

I.M.C.F Rating : 82/100
Direction : 8 : Did just fine. Couldnt use the characters he had to complete extent. Exp: Batista and Ronan. 
Production Values : 8 : Of course it is a Marvel film, but somehow didnt get quite that feel.
Story/Plot : 7 : If you are a fan of super-hero films, im quite sure, this story will not excite you.
Cast Performances : 9 : Rocket and Groot have been fun. Others did quite well too.
Music : 8 : Most of the film has Old pop songs. In other areas, its existence cant be felt.
Cinematography : 8
Editing/Screenplay : 9 : Screenplay is clear. In fact there are many knots tied for Sequel, but still, its fine.
3D effects : 8 : Not much of 3D feel is there, given to the scenes it has. Still, effects have been well put.
Dialogues : 8 : Groot has none and that itself is a highlight. Others have a few well written phrases, especially to peter!
Awe Moment(s) : 9 : Nove corps, joining together to stop Ronan. Yondu's action sequence. Rocket and Groot combo!

Ratings and Reviews From Popular Websites
8.8    - IMDb
4.6/5 - Rotten Tomatoes

Guardians of the Galaxy is an open fire hydrant of a summer movie: more fun than should be allowed in such hot weather.
"Guardians of the Galaxy" has wit, energy and zaniness to spare. It will pop your corn and leave you hungry for more.
Hovering between irony and sincere enthusiasm, the film is above all a triumph of tone.

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