Hercules (2014)


Cast and Crew
Directed by : Brett Ratner / Prev Films : X-Men : Last stand, Rush hour series, Tower heist
Produced by : Brett Ratner, Barry Levine, Beau Flynn
Screenplay by : Ryan Condal, Evan Spiliotopoulos
Starring : Dwayne Johnson, Ian McShane, Rufus Sewell, Joseph Fiennes, Peter Mullan, John Hurt
Music by : Fernando Velázquez
Cinematography : Dante Spinotti
Edited by : Mark Helfrich
Running Time : 98Mins
Budget : US$ 110 million

All You Need to Know

I.M.C.F Review
This is the story of a man by the name, Hercules, who is believed to be the son of God Zeus. He is sent to prove his worth by beating 'Twelve labors' (challenges) and on succeeding, he becomes a Legend.

One day, Ergenia, daughter of Lord Cotys, approaches Hercules and his men to ask them to fight along side her father in a battle to save their kingdom from bloodthirsty warlord Rheseus. On accepting terms for Gold, Hercules and his men help Lord Cotys to victory, after training his army of farmers in defensive strategies. After taking warlord Rheseus as a prisoner, Hercules learns the truth that Rheseus was merely retaliating against Lord Cotys' aggressive attempts to expand his kingdom and Ergenia only seeks his help, as Lord Cotys threatens to kill her son. So, Hercules revolts and fights the armies of Lord Cotys for what is right. That is the main plot of the story, alongside a few more strings related to Hercules and his fears, truth about his past, wife and children, nephew and his team.

The running time of the movie is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Battle scenes and formations with 1000's of men are too good. 3D effects are exciting. It might entertain you, but plot might disappoint you!

I.M.C.F Rating : 79/100
Direction : 8 : Short running time, along with a plot which seems odd might hurt.
Production Values : 8 : Too many people and lot of drama, yet fails to satisfy.
Story/Plot : 7 : Doesn't deserve the name 'Hercules'. Just like any other epic movie.
Cast Performance : 8 : Not much of a star cast, but everyone did well.
Music : 8
Cinematography :8
3D Effects : 8 : Too good effects.
Screenplay/Editing : 8 : Short and sufficed.
Dialogues : 7 : Not many.
Others : 9 : The song at rolling credits and the scene where Hercules knows his strength and fights the wolves.

Ratings and Reviews From Popular Websites
6.7/10 - IMDb
3.6/5   - RT

The battle scenes, though rousing, fall short of epic. But it's reliably a fun film to watch - up.
The film absolutely delivers in the realm of Dwayne Johnson participating in massive fight scenes and epic battles. 
The surprise is that -- for what it is -- it's really not that bad. This is not a recommendation, but neither is it a condemnation.

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